Thursday, September 16, 2010

On The Fringe

Fringe Skirt: F21
Jacket: Suzy Shier
Knit Top: F21
Necklace: Hair Show Booth
Tights: Winners
Two Tone Oxfords: Spring
Ring: Gift from Natasha

Its been a crazy week, as probably evident by the fact that I have not blogged since Monday! What is my life coming to..... I think I just need to get back in the swing of things between managing all my homework and Executive responsibilities.. I'm hoping I get this sorted sooner rather than later of course.

I was trying to do some jumping pictures to show off the fringe a little betterbut as you can see there are no jumping pictures because I just couldn't get any!

Today in class bolts of fabric were brought in and we are given the option of purchasing this fabric for our couture fabric project. I've accepted that with everything already on my plate I do not have time to draft my own gown and having been perusing the vogue website instead. I found a dress pattern that has a boned bodice (which I want to do), and uses chiffon (which I also want to do) with some gorgeous draping on the body. I found leopard print silk chiffon in this collection of fabric brought in and immediately wanted it. Its on hold. I kid you not. They only chage us half of the cost or something so I would get this leopard print silk chiffon for $12.00/meter. How could I not????

This is the pattern.


I would be making it probably knee length to make it a little more wearable. I had also contemplated instead of doing flowers, doing a leaf montage and making it go over the shoulder on one side....
I have so many ideas, luckily we have some time before any final decisions are necessary! I'm also wondering about what I could use underneath to help bring out the warmer colors in the leopard print to make sure its flattering on me...

I would love to hear peoples thoughts on this!


  1. I love your dress idea...and the one shoulder one would be amazing. As for the colour underneath, find some solid charmeuses in the warms tones of the leopard, and hold the fabric over them, and up to you face to see which colour works best.

  2. As for making it warmer: I have no idea. This is not my area I guess! But the leaf motif, YES. Brilliant. And shorter, definitely. Can't wait to see it! Oh, and LOVE your outfit here. Seriously so cool.

    heart: miss furnellie


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