Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Military Start

Military Jacket: Smart Set
Ruffled Chiffon - Tank Winners
Parasuco Jeans - Smart Set
Antique Bead Necklace - Made by my sister Kayleigh
Steve Madden - Flats DSW

 My first day back I knew there was some kind of presentation welcoming all the new students at study skills so I wanted to be comfortable, however I was the one that had to speak. Yeah, yeah I know, Im president but I just ended up winging it. It was fine, nothing major, me saying this in regards to public speaking is a serious big deal though! I wasn't sure what else we were going to be doing but figured just in case we ended up doing some completely random team building exercises that I would stick with flats!

This morning when I woke up it said 2 degrees celcius but feels like -2! Couldn't believe it. How sad....

I cant remember what else I was going to write about as this keyboard is being rather petulant and selectively not letting some buttons work! Which is why youre probably noticing a lack of commas and etc. Its not me, its the tempermental keyboard. Note to self, I wont use this one tomorrow!!!!

Okay, I even went back into my list of posts ths time and confirmed this one was scheduled and I just saw that it never did!!!! What in the world is going on?!


  1. Wow! 2 degrees celcius! And I am complaining here...

    I really like your outfit. And military is so in this year! Special applause to the jacket ;)

  2. Cute outfit, It does look rather cold where you are, well done on winging the speech too xxx

  3. Love the outfit..and I love your pictures!

  4. This outfit is cuter than cute! Those jeans are just PERFECT on you!


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