Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A great time...

Vyla trying to steal the spotlight like usual....

Vyla wanting to get in  the action....

Natasha feeding me her necklace.... We get a little silly together...

Jacket: Suzy Shier
Knit Top: Random store in Florence
Jeans: Costa Blanca
Suede over the knee boots: Bakers

Natasha came to visit me (the malls) for the weekend! We had a lot of fun (not much sleep). I always hear about what a good girl Vyla is sleeping all night always being such an angel.......
Just kidding Tash! Vyla was very good all weekend, unfortunately the grown ups in the house who are not used to babies, didn't provide the best environment (paper thin walls, doors slamming and too much giggling) for a certain Vyla the Destroyer. I wouldn't change it though as I am lucky to of gotten to see my favorite fashionista before she moves to the absolute middle of nowhere. Thank goodness for internet!
I also got to see plenty of the troll face from Vyla the Destroyer which never fails to entertain me. Or her crawling all over the beau.... he deals as best he can.

 I would also like to say a big thank you to my fabulous friend Natasha for the blog award she gave me!

Here are 7 random things about me:

1. I have ridden on those carousel rides in 5 different countries. They just always have those cool horses on them...

2. I used to train and breed quarter horses. This is actually what I originally went to college for way back when.

3. My friend Katrina is generally mistaken for my twin.

4. My biggest mission in life is to travel to as many places in the world as possible.

5. I can pick things up with my toes. Splay them, move them in a wave like order, you name it, my mom thinks it is hilarious....

6. I absolute love Harry Potter (HP7 Part 1 comes out in November!) and Twilight (I have been accused of being a Twihard, although I did propose going on a roadtrip during spring break to Forks to my sister who agreed (Right Kayleigh?)! In my defense they have some gorgeous hiking, hotsprings, whale watching and so many other things that I would love to do.)

7. I am President of the students association at the college I attend, yet I am terrified of public speaking. I am sure making some drastic improvements in this department....

One thing thats no so random about me is that I think fellow bloggers are some of the most awesome people. That means you too!

I would like to forward this award onto Laurwyn of Quirky Pretty Cute. This lovely lady always has the most interesting blogs about sewing projects, tv shows, and anything else she deems fabulous! She once did a blog about Garcia from Criminal Minds and outfit ideas and etc that were just fabulous!


  1. I'm thinking the pictures on your camera turned out better...well more flattering perhaps..haha

  2. Glad the two of you had fun, and I quite like your name for Vyla!

    You both look gorgeous by the way!


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