Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tongue Tied

Cardigan: Suzy Shier
Neck Tie Top: Joe Fresh
Shirt: BCBG
Ring: Gift from Natasha
Patent Shoes: The Shoe Company

These photo's were taken at a nearby pond while on our evening dog walk. I was reading Second Skin's blog this morning about trying a different spot once a week and the whole rut deal and I whole heartedly agreed and so this is me out of my rut! This is also when I saw the pretty climbing flower and thought it would make a great addition to my pictures as well. I really like this outfit. Ideally I would of liked to of paired some big heels with this outfit but today that did not happen. I leave it open as a possibility for a future outfit at this point....
I would like to take a language class. Several in fact. I've always had a fascinatioin for languages, growing up in four countries has probably contributed to this! I loved french in school and was sad to say goodbye to that class. Even when I took off to Wales to do some traveling I signed up for a quick little language class and learned some Welsh! That was fun, but it was also taught by a great teacher. Then I was learning some Italian before I went to Italy this spring. Maybe more like trying to learn italian, as the program I bought was not very user friendly and I was so swamped with school I wasn't getting far either way. But I think about taking a language class quite often. Even before I went back to school I had been looking up language classes, I don't think any are offered at my  school though, but I'm definitely going to have to double check. Did I mention how suoer jealous I am of bilingual people? A lot....

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  1. I love your tweed skirt! Very chic!
    As for languages, I seriously reccommend getting back into the french or italian! LEarning one makes the other a little easier to pick up, and it's always great for future travels!


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