Monday, August 9, 2010

Pashmina Much

Pashmina: Street Vendor in Florence
Knit Top: Zellers
Belt: Zara
Jeans: Bluenotes
Shoes: Random store in Cranbrook

This was a day of errands, blogging and nothing too crazy except for the amazing spanish recipes I tried out! Its all to do with the book I'm reading by Frances Mayes called a year in the world and she travels to all these different countries talking always in detail about the amazing food she finds! 
I wish I had taken photos of how the recipes turned out! Silly me... I made Roasted red peppers stuffed with rice, ground pork, diced tomatoes, and chopped parsley, stuffed tomatoes, fried garlic shrimp, and toast with tomatoes and garlic. It was all so amazing and so fun to venture into some different recipes. I wish I did it more often! The food certainly made for a great night on my lovely weekend and this outfit was just a casual do for all my ingredient hunting!
I'm running quite late this morning so I need to run!

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  1. AH!!! I love it!! So fricken cute! Fave outfit of yours yet!


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