Friday, August 6, 2010

Orange I Beautiful

Knit Top: Reitmans
Green Linen Pants: Zara
Orange Patent Shoes: Zara
Necklace: Gift from Natasha
Hat: Walk About hats
Coach Purse: Gift

Just of to do some errands and go get a facial done by my sister who is an esthetician, which is ever so handy (when she likes me). I am generally determined to wear heels on my days off, since most days at work are too hectic and long to get by on my favorite shoes and I am also afraid of ruining them too! I love these patent shoes, they are just such a happy shoe. Everyone should own a pair of fun orange shoes and then maybe people in general would be more happy! I used to have these awesome orange flats that had a bottom more like a runner and they had a daisy print on them, they were so much fun... Unfortunately they died and had to be put to rest....
Holy cow did I ever have fun playing in the grass for these photos. I'm messing around with my feet in the air to make sure there was a shot showing my fabulous orange shoes. They really are just too good to miss! I would like to do a shot lying in the grass with the camera looking down at me but I don't think my tripod is big enough for that, so I'm working on a new plan of how I can accomplish this. Any ideas?
I am happy to report I did get some sewing done yesterday! The pattern set up and instructions are just so different from what I'm used to it was slower going than usual. I generally hardly follow patterns at all but this one is so different I have to.... But now I'm off to sew again. Hopefully I can get the dress for my sister done! Its going to be very cute if I do say so myself.


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