Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Neck tie blouse: Le Chateau
Skirt: Joe Fresh
Tie Sandals: Rome store
Coach Purse: Gift
Earrings: Gift

I've had this blouse for quite a few years now but it also used to have these two little ties on the front closer to the bottom that were just so random. I worked with them for as long as I could but I finally had enough and this morning performed surgery and removed them. Everytime I've wanted to wear this shirt for the last while I've decided against it because of these annoying little ties! Why in the world did it take me so to do this? I'm quite happy with the removal, as I was concerned about having marks left but it seems fine.
I need to stop all my procrastinating! All of it. Finito. No more. I work good under pressure but the procrastination is just really annoying sometimes! I expect better of myself. I will stop procrastinating over this Coach purse and fix the pocket lining and the lining in the bottom which both have big holes... I will get that dress done for my sister.... I will get some more sleeves for all my samples from last school year and get them all put away....

The list goes on! Anymore procrastinators out there?


  1. Well I'm pretty much the biggest procrastinator out there..I say I always work better under pressure.
    I really love this top....glad you fixed it because it looks great!

  2. The color of that top is AMAZING!!!
    LOVE IT!
    The Beckerman Girls


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