Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lightweight Jersey Sure Helps In The Heat

Dress: H & M
Cardigan: Suzy Shier
Leather Belt: ?
Gladiator Sandals: Nine West
Earrings: ?
Sunnies: Value Village

Wow, was it ever a beautiful day! A shame I had to work, but I did go out on my lunch break and enjoy the summer that seems to of arrived here at the end of August. I'm laughing about it because what else can I do? It was so hot at in my work though, I was working at a different location as well which was a little disorienting. I did not even notice the thermostat until my boss showed up at the end of the day and pointed it out! Go me!

Thank goodness I knew it was going to be so warm and threw on this dress, as the jersey is so light weight It kept me cooler than anything else.... I got this belt back in my teenage horse showing days... I don't even have the original buckle for it anymore, just the trophy belt I had won and put on it. I remember winning it and being such a stick teenager I was constantly told I wouldn't be able to wear it because it would make me fall over as it was heavier than me (It is ridiculously big this buckle). Not really of course, but that was the joke.... I borrowed this buckle from one of the beaus belts.... Last minute resourcefulness in the morning!

I'm packing up to go back to school this weekend, where in the world has the last four months gone?


  1. Great Colour combo...although Joni would say "Blue and Green Should Never be Seen"....thank goodness the times have changed!

  2. You're rocking that look ..oh summer, rock on! We have days and days of grey here - I'm thinking I should start my spring sewing but it feels so premature when all I see around me is grey grey grey! Best wishes for your sewing year ahead at college.


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