Monday, August 23, 2010

How To Make Feather Earrings

Today some friends and I went to a market collective where local artisans and crafters sell items that they have made. I saw some fabulous jewelry of all kinds, ladies making some fantastic tukes and neck warmers and hybrids that are part and part, they were so fun but none were working out for me and my big hair so I left empty handed. I was inspired by all the earrings made with feathers that I saw and decided I wanted to attempt some of my own.

Heres what I used:

28 gauge wire
Earrings pieces

So first I chose the feathers I wanted to use, and then proceeded with peeling off the fuzzies at the top.

Then I laid the feathers down in the way I wanted them to hang and used thread to bind the top. I will note that I had intended on using a bit of craft glue but could not find it anywhere! 

I then used wire to wrap around the top and loop it through the piece at the bottom of the earring.

I think I will try using the little crimp beads for another pair and see how they work compared to the thread. This was a fun little project this afternoon and took me no time at all! It was nice because it also helped me take my mind off the crazy weather outside.

The crazy hail storm.... This was a matter of minutes...
In the beginning it wasn't so bad, however then one of my friends said something about it not being that bad and that the hail will need to get a lot bigger. Which it then did. Get bigger. And bigger. I haven't gone out to check my vehicle yet..... Gah!!!


  1. OMG that weather is NUTS! And it looks liek snow which is just frightening at this point!

    Beautiful earrings though! I may have to try this one myself!

  2. Those earrings turned out SO pretty...I love them...maybe I do need to pierce my ears!!


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