Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Day!

Dress: Suzy Shier
Cardigan: Joe Fresh
Belt: Zara
Shoes: Spring
Necklace: Sears

In all my excitement today I almost forgot to post my blog today! I love blogging so I'm not sure how this happened.... This morning I ended up running out for a last minute breakfast with my mum before going to work. The beau ended up dropping me off for work since we had cut things so tight, and then when he picked me up (we were on the motorbike) he stopped on a nearby street that has no houses built yet so I got to learn how to ride his motorbike! Admittedly, I only drove around in 1st gear and I stalled the darn bike quite a few times and left a little tire mark on the pavement but it was quite a success still and I can't wait for lesson #2!!! I hope this time he tells me things I need to know before I try to do things on the bike....

Now on to the outfit.... I'm enjoying how I mixed up this outfit but admittedly it ended up being so darn hot out I immediately took off the cardigan and belt for a while before freezing in the A/C later on.... And after all this motorbike talk you've probably figured out that these photos are from Friday instead of today. I've been finding the blogging better fits into my schedule when I do them the day after right now.

We all seem to have our own little system for this, and its interesting when I read about how other individuals handle their little blogging worlds too!

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