Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Artsy Photos

Dress: H & M
Leggings: Suzy Shier
Steve Madden Flats: DSW
Purse: Florence Street Vendor
Earrings: Self made
Jacket: Le Chateau
Belt: Grandmas
Sunnies: Thrifted

The beau took the first three photos, which is why I am calling them "Artsy" photos. You'll just have to use your imagination as to figuring out the details of what I'm wearing...
He tries....

Here is me wearing the feather earrings though. So fun, they tickle a little, but it just makes me giggle. Silly giggles, but thats okay they're fun. I took this last photo this morning, the wind kept making the feathers go all over the place so I took quite a few before I was lucky enough to get this one. I'm excited for all the possibilities of how I can change up the feathers for earrings. Stay tuned....

So this post didn't publish this morning, how odd is that?


  1. Love your earrings..they are FANNNTASTIC!!! Grrreat look!!! Have an awesome rest of the summer!kisses
    xoxoxThe Beckerman Girls


  2. I really like these "artsy" photos. Very cool.

    I kept doing this myself for the longest time until I realized: face the sun! face the sun! Like that time my grandma took our picture and made us squint into the sun and I scowled because I did not like squinting into the sun...though she was right. I guess... ;-)

    ps. LOVE LOVE the earrings!

  3. Aww I wish that I could see the outfit..I'm sure it's amazing tho...and of course the earrings are amazing


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