Monday, August 30, 2010

Fireworks Spectaculaire

Unfortunately on Thursday the fireworks were cancelled due to the crazy weather and then rescheduled for the following night. I couldn't go but managed to go for the finale Saturday night. It was amazing, glorious, miraculous and on and on I could go!

This is my first time posting a video, I hope it works....

Please note that this video was taken on my phone as I had forgotten my camera so this really isn't doing the fireworks justice, but its a taste!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Cotton Is The Only Answer In This Scorcher!

Dress: Self made
Bangles: Ten Thousand Villages
Gladiator Sandals: Nine West

Another scorcher today, Rusty and I went out for a walk and at the time I had my hair down but after that walk I realized the hair had to go up. I'm thankful for the little cotton dress, breathable, nice and cool... Rusty was roasting, he was dragging behind a lot.

I'd like to say that I made the most of the beautiful weather but it was just too hot. I did have fun in the park doing these photos though. I think it was too hot for the kids even because there was no one there which is quite unusual for this park.

I'm going to watch Globalfest again tonight which is a fireworks competition, the fireworks are done to music over a lake. Tonights performance is by Spain, I've gone for the last 4 years and so far China is still my favorite, although Canada has also done a fantastic show, of course!

Oh dear, why did this not post on Friday? For some reason it just saved as a draft?!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lightweight Jersey Sure Helps In The Heat

Dress: H & M
Cardigan: Suzy Shier
Leather Belt: ?
Gladiator Sandals: Nine West
Earrings: ?
Sunnies: Value Village

Wow, was it ever a beautiful day! A shame I had to work, but I did go out on my lunch break and enjoy the summer that seems to of arrived here at the end of August. I'm laughing about it because what else can I do? It was so hot at in my work though, I was working at a different location as well which was a little disorienting. I did not even notice the thermostat until my boss showed up at the end of the day and pointed it out! Go me!

Thank goodness I knew it was going to be so warm and threw on this dress, as the jersey is so light weight It kept me cooler than anything else.... I got this belt back in my teenage horse showing days... I don't even have the original buckle for it anymore, just the trophy belt I had won and put on it. I remember winning it and being such a stick teenager I was constantly told I wouldn't be able to wear it because it would make me fall over as it was heavier than me (It is ridiculously big this buckle). Not really of course, but that was the joke.... I borrowed this buckle from one of the beaus belts.... Last minute resourcefulness in the morning!

I'm packing up to go back to school this weekend, where in the world has the last four months gone?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Lengths

Button Up Shirt: Zara
Cropped Trousers with Bow Tie: Suzy Shier
Necklaces: Street Vendor in Rome & ?
Bracelet: Suzy Shier
Sandals: Winners
Sunnies: Value Village

This morning started out as one of "those" days.... you know the kind.... Sleeping in... Then going to pull out my insurance for the phone number so I can call in about the hail damage I had from Sundays crazy storm! Only to discover I couldn't see my current insurance slip! Then began the search... Through all my papers. Through every purse I own (A few...). Nothing. I'm not sure how this happened. I'm sad to report that this is not the first time this has ever happened to me. It must be a unique talent I have yet to realize.... I did get another faxed and everything so all is good. But its just those mornings with the little things cumatively adding up to make the day as annoying as ever...

 I also forgot my sandwich. I brought the rest of my lunch but forgot my sandwich. I put a fair amount of effort into my sandwiches, layers of meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato sliced and kept in a separate baggy tp prevent soggy bread syndrome and sauces, they're tasty. Not to mention how much I dislike going to the food court and trying to decide what I should eat and dealing with all the line ups. It takes me forever to decide what I actually want, and then just ends up being a complete waste of my lunch break. I'd rather be reading. I mean really...

But you know what? It was a beautiful day, sunny, warm.... Nice dog walks... The sun really just makes my whole day better, at least today it did! And, I'm thankful for it.

What are you thankful for?

I almost didn't say anything about my outfit! I got these pants from Suzy, they are an odd length being just above the ankle, but not quite a capri. I'm looking forward to wearing them with heels as I think that will complement the length quite nice. A gentleman at work today went on and on about how bright my shoes are too. He said they are so bright they almost blinded him. It was quite comical, especially since we were inside and not even near the sunshine.....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Artsy Photos

Dress: H & M
Leggings: Suzy Shier
Steve Madden Flats: DSW
Purse: Florence Street Vendor
Earrings: Self made
Jacket: Le Chateau
Belt: Grandmas
Sunnies: Thrifted

The beau took the first three photos, which is why I am calling them "Artsy" photos. You'll just have to use your imagination as to figuring out the details of what I'm wearing...
He tries....

Here is me wearing the feather earrings though. So fun, they tickle a little, but it just makes me giggle. Silly giggles, but thats okay they're fun. I took this last photo this morning, the wind kept making the feathers go all over the place so I took quite a few before I was lucky enough to get this one. I'm excited for all the possibilities of how I can change up the feathers for earrings. Stay tuned....

So this post didn't publish this morning, how odd is that?

Monday, August 23, 2010

How To Make Feather Earrings

Today some friends and I went to a market collective where local artisans and crafters sell items that they have made. I saw some fabulous jewelry of all kinds, ladies making some fantastic tukes and neck warmers and hybrids that are part and part, they were so fun but none were working out for me and my big hair so I left empty handed. I was inspired by all the earrings made with feathers that I saw and decided I wanted to attempt some of my own.

Heres what I used:

28 gauge wire
Earrings pieces

So first I chose the feathers I wanted to use, and then proceeded with peeling off the fuzzies at the top.

Then I laid the feathers down in the way I wanted them to hang and used thread to bind the top. I will note that I had intended on using a bit of craft glue but could not find it anywhere! 

I then used wire to wrap around the top and loop it through the piece at the bottom of the earring.

I think I will try using the little crimp beads for another pair and see how they work compared to the thread. This was a fun little project this afternoon and took me no time at all! It was nice because it also helped me take my mind off the crazy weather outside.

The crazy hail storm.... This was a matter of minutes...
In the beginning it wasn't so bad, however then one of my friends said something about it not being that bad and that the hail will need to get a lot bigger. Which it then did. Get bigger. And bigger. I haven't gone out to check my vehicle yet..... Gah!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Smokin Fashion or Just Smoke?

Dress: Suzy Shier
Necklace: Hair Show (Weird right?)
Belt: Hand me down from my Grandma
Sandals: Nine West

Aren't my photos great? Not really.... The city is so smokey because of all the forest fires, theres this crazy haze over the whole city. These photos are the result. When I was checking them on my view finder they seemed fine but now I think I should of tried the flash. Live and learn. My family in northern BC are on alert because the fires up there have gotten so close, which is crazy. I couldn't imagine those places being burnt down, they all have farms with big barns and houses right next to this beautiful lake. Its one of the most beautiful places in the world, and I still think that after living and travelling in over 7 different countries!!!

Aside from all the smoke, it was a fabulous day. I read a couple magazines, trying to catch up and then finished reading a book called "When Autumn Leaves" by Amy Foster. It was such a fun little book, the first of what is to be a series. Unfortunately, now I have to wait for her to write the rest of the books. Patience is not my strong point. I am now reading Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Rigler, which is the sequel to Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict. If you adore Jane Austen's books as much as I do, you'll probably enjoy these books. Next on my list is The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen. I'm seeing a pattern here, are you?

Let me know if you have any book recommendations for me, I'd love to hear them.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Has It Really Been That Long?

Knit Top: Joe Fresh
Tie Skirt: Self made
Boots: Had them forever!!!
Necklace: Le Chateau?

Rusty was not embracing the spirit of pictures as seen above. He just wanted to go swimming. All he ever wants to do is go swimming. He's obsessed, like should maybe discuss his problem with a professional? It wasn't going to happen though, the ponds are just too icky by this time of the year. He'll have to wait till we go down to the park so he can go into the river with all that nice clean fresh water....

Onto the outfit. The pattern for this skirt was drafted by a friend and then I borrowed it. It doesn't even have a proper closure, just a tie. Zippers were a lot of pressure back then. This was all circa first college experience; as in a long time ago... like 8 or 9 years..... I even remember finding this fabric. I was at fiber week at the college and this lady was selling all these amazing prints. I got the fabric having no idea what I was going to do with it but knowing that I loved it and I would figure something out! I still love this print. I will admit that I have a fair amount of fabric that has this story but I have not made anything with it yet. I'm waiting for the right time, it'll just happen.... Naturally....

I'm a part sewing girl and part fabric hoarder..... Anyone else out there in the club with me?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shoe Lusting

(Image courtesy of

Unfortunately I was not able to copy the photos of the shoes from Aldo and Spring and I'm tired and couldn't remember the little trick to get them! Gah! These booties are also quite fantastic from Town Shoes though, and with a reasonable heel.

Today I did one of those fun messy braids that are done on the side and curl around to lie at the front. Crazily enough, my hair is down to the middle of my back but my braid was so short I would put extensions in it so I could have a fun braid like in the magazines I've seen!!! Sadly I rushed from work to meet my mom and sisters to go see Eat, Pray, Love and never took pictures! I'll have to do it again. Maybe with some ridiculous extensions???

Eat, Pray, Love is a fantastic movie FYI. Makes me want to jump on a plane and go traveling again immediately! Country after country. Go learn Italian and whatever else.....

Fino a domani!
(Until tomorrow!) 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Killer Cute Shoes

Dress: Self made
Shoes: Given to me from Cajun!
Bangles: Ten Thousand Villages
Peacock Ring: Suzy Shier
Sunnies: Value Village

These super cute shoes were given to me from a friend as she had bought them and they ended up being too big. They're Joe Fresh, have a fabulous big gem on the toe with a beige fabric for the shoe. Unfortunately, no matter how cute they are they seriously killed my feet, which is how I came up with the blog post title. Needless to say this will be the only post they ever make, I will now be finding them a new home. Sorry shoes, we just aren't meant to be..... My lovely friend Cajun also gave me a purple pair of flats with cute little ankle straps, so heres hoping they work out better!

How about this brilliant little peacock ring though? Isn't it super cute? I never did get the frog one I showed to Natasha which she ended up getting, but I did get this little marvel. Maybe we can do a trade for a bit or something? Ha ha!

These photos are some of my favorites of late, not even because of the outfit but simply because of the different angles used and how the setting sun was incorporated. I'm hoping I'll keep getting better and think of different ways to include in my blog photos. Let me know if you have any fun ideas......

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tights in August

Blazer: Thrifted
Top: F21
Skirt: Joe Fresh
Pashmina: Street Vendor in Florence
Tights: Milan Fashion Outlet
Oxfords: Spring
Earrings: F21

Tights in August, crazy. But it was 10 degrees celcius. Rainy, windy, cold......

I was looking forward to my hair appt but when I got to the salon I was informed my poor hairdresses had put her back out somehow and that they had called me and left me message to cancel. Obvioiusly I didn't get it, but when I checked my voicemail it was there. Crazy lying phone.... I hope she gets better soon, since shes a pretty awesome hair dresser and is just so fun to chat with! So the hair went into a ponytail for the day...

My sister and I then spent the afternoon hanging out together, and making the most of the miserable weather. We went to this bead store and I found so many amazing beads that I had some seriously cool ideas for as well. Soon.... But I really should finish some other projects I have on the go first! It was a fun afternoon together. Its refreshing to be getting along so well with her after our teenage years of really not getting along!

My sister also played photographer for me and insisted I stand in front of this house which we both think is pretty cool. I mean, that is an individual, unique, not cookie cutter house and I would really like to know what the inside looks like! I will also say good job on the photos, as I have not so much as even cropped any of these. I try to keep the photos as Au Natural as possible but sometimes.... Well, you know...

I almost forgot to gush about these new tights! They're lilac with grey pinstripes which you unfortunately can't see very well given the weather, but I'm sure I'll make great use of them in the future and be able to show off the color!

Happy Monday!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Cardigan: Joe Fresh
Printed Tank: Roberto Cavalli
Tall Girl Jeans: Hand me downs from Katrina
Red Suede Wedges: Winners
Belt: H & M
Necklace: Le Chateau
Earrings: Street Festival

Oh my goodness! Picture taking did not go so well. The photos kept being blurry, I kept making faces. You wouldn't believe all the photos that got taken and these two were the best ones! Its actually quite funny since you'd think that doing this 5 times a week would make a person get better at this and therefore prevent this sort of thing from happening??? Maybe its in part due to the lack of lighting? They didn't get taken till quite late as I seem to neglact the fact that the days are getting shorter, not longer. Sad but true....

On a different note have you seen all the awesome cute shoes that are coming out for fall? I'm going to have to do a shoe post and show all the fabulous ones I'm putting on my wish list!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tongue Tied

Cardigan: Suzy Shier
Neck Tie Top: Joe Fresh
Shirt: BCBG
Ring: Gift from Natasha
Patent Shoes: The Shoe Company

These photo's were taken at a nearby pond while on our evening dog walk. I was reading Second Skin's blog this morning about trying a different spot once a week and the whole rut deal and I whole heartedly agreed and so this is me out of my rut! This is also when I saw the pretty climbing flower and thought it would make a great addition to my pictures as well. I really like this outfit. Ideally I would of liked to of paired some big heels with this outfit but today that did not happen. I leave it open as a possibility for a future outfit at this point....
I would like to take a language class. Several in fact. I've always had a fascinatioin for languages, growing up in four countries has probably contributed to this! I loved french in school and was sad to say goodbye to that class. Even when I took off to Wales to do some traveling I signed up for a quick little language class and learned some Welsh! That was fun, but it was also taught by a great teacher. Then I was learning some Italian before I went to Italy this spring. Maybe more like trying to learn italian, as the program I bought was not very user friendly and I was so swamped with school I wasn't getting far either way. But I think about taking a language class quite often. Even before I went back to school I had been looking up language classes, I don't think any are offered at my  school though, but I'm definitely going to have to double check. Did I mention how suoer jealous I am of bilingual people? A lot....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blinding Light

Button Up Shirt: Suzy Shier
Lingerie Inspired Top: Le Chateau
Belt: Dynamite
Earl Jeans: Winners
Carlos Falchi Wedges: The Shoe Company
Necklace: Grandma`s
Earrings: Street Festival

The above pictures are a typical example of Alberta weather. The sun coming out for fleeting moments and then disappearing behing the clouds. As you can see, the sun did not feel it necessary to stay out for all of my pictures so some look quite artistic with the extreme exposure type effect on some of the above.
This was such a fun and comfy outfit, I`m very happy with the way it turned out. Perhaps Rusty was thinking the same thing too since he was even more energetic than usual and just all over the place in the morning when we went for our walk. He was also quite sneaky sniffing the grass and then as a gentleman was walking by, turned around and went bounding for him. Rusty is a 100lb dog and scared the daylights out of this poor guy. Rusty just wants to make friends with everyone!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Am I Doing?

Top: Winners
Cargo Pants: BCBG
Oxfords: Spring
Necklace: Sears
Bracelet: Suzy Shier
Sunnies: Value Village

What am I doing in these photos? They crack me up! I want to do those neat action pictures I see other bloggers doing and one of the ones above is as successful as I've come. Its decent, a long ways from any others I've tried and not posted because I thought they were really ridiculous. Its part of the fun in blogging really though, "the creative process" and so on.... Its hard with a timer though. My little orange light flashes more intensely the closer it comes to taking the picture, but what I'd really like it to do is give me a count down like on the cross walks. Those are handy, can I make it or not? Nope, I'll get run over by an over excited import driver.... Its just a better indicator of where I stand in my choices... You know what I mean?