Thursday, July 8, 2010

Total Eclipse of My Heart

Jacket: Le Chateau
T-Shirt: Gift
 Parasuco Jeans: Smart Set
Steve Madden Booties: DSW
Leather Purse: Street Vendor in Florence

This is just a quick outfit I threw together to go out with the girls and watch Eclipse the other night. My friend Amy found these Edward shirts on clearance somewhere and thought they were so funny she got one for me, our friend Katrina and herself. She demanded we wear them to the movie which was too funny because when I arrived they both had their hoodies zipped up to the top hiding their Edward shirts underneath. Rob just thought it was funny I was wearing an Edward shirt! I just think its a really funny picture....  
The funny part is that I had the beau take these photos before I rushed off to meet my friends so I did up my jacket quickly for the first couple and now that i'm posting I see the jacket is not done up correctly at all!!! 

I am happy to report it was a fabulous movie! Aside from Bella's whig.....


  1. hmmm...well I don't see what is incorrect about the's quite cute!!

  2. LOVE the Edward shirt! ; ) I agree the movie was fabulous! The best one yet!


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