Monday, July 5, 2010

Now I Know What Its Like

Shady Brady Cowboy Hat: Lammle's
Dress: H & M
Sandals: Spring
Bangles: Ten Thousand Villages

These photo's are the result of Rob taking them at the end of the day when its dusk and me trying to fix them up a little. So not the best. But at least I have photo's with Binx on our road trip. It was seriously hot in Thompson, a couple times I had to excuse myself from company and go inside because I just couldn't handle. Especially since all we seem to be getting is rain in Calgary all summer! These were the only pictures that got taken while away, sorry Thompson but nothing really struck me!

I made it back from Thompson, MB all in one piece at least and heres my list of things I now know what its like:

1. Tornado Weather - We left Tuesday night and drove overnight to our destination, which allows us to avoid summer traffic. However, as soon as we crossed into Saskatchewan the sky was lighting up like crazy at which point I turned to the Beau and stated "This is what the weather looks like in Twister before they get their tornados!". I did not know then just how right I was.... I can tell you that the noise and the rain and the storming was the worst I've ever seen and just does not do justice to the experience. The dogs were not impressed. Binx decided hiding at my feet was the best place to be, and Rusty tried to jump through the net that keeps him in the back of the jeep only to get very tangled up! Anyways, it was only when we got to our destination that we found out we had driven through areas where there had been tornados! Not much of a shocker by that point...

2. Kindersley, SK has way too many mosquitoes. Period.

3. Popeye's - a restaurant in Thompson, MB has some of the best home made burgers and fries I've ever tasted. And I love my burgers and fries......

4. I've finally seen some of Saskatchewan!

5. Finally seeing Northern Manitoba and understanding why, whenever I would ask Rob what they did up there and why there wasn't any farming with all that space and etc. Because its all just rock. Really. They're part of the Canadian Shield, so I guess that makes sense. 

6. 16 hours is just a really long drive no matter how early you start out, (5:00am in our case!). Thats 16 hours of good weather for the drive back. It took us about 18 hours what with the tornado weather going through Saskatchewan on the way there. Painful.

But now I'm home and I can enjoy my commute of max 30 minutes....

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  1. hmm...I'm thinking that Rob needs to take some photography classes...shake much??
    I'm glad you made it back in one piece...after this trip coming to visit me up North won't seem sodifficult/un fun


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