Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mad As A Hatter

Unfortunately you can't see the detail on this tunic!

Make sure you get a photo of my shoes....

My photo of my shoes since the beau just couldn't get the right angle... Sorry beau.

Jacket: Shop In Florence
Pink Tunic: Winners
Jeans: Bluenotes
Shoes: Shop In Cranbrook
Necklace: Gift
Ring: Gift
Hat: Vendor at The Calgary Stampede

This outfit is based on my awesome new hat! I'm am so happy to of found a hat that looks good on me and its something other than a cowboy hat. I love my cowboy hats, but its just so refreshing to finally have a new hat! Hats, hats, hats!!! Yay! I must look good in it, since I had a guy come and chat me up while I was on my break today... He was wearing a different style fedora....
This third photo is me signaling the beau to take a photo of my shoes since we were rushing to head to the movies, he was on the phone while taking pictures for me outside in the rain...  Yes, more bloody rain. I considered moving to Spain tonight... Perhaps because we had just watched Knight and Day but also because I imagine its a lot sunnier there. There and everywhere else on the planet I think! Ugh! This outfit was also me trying to remain positive and keep my outfit almost summery... At least I've got my hat. I really, really do like it a lot.....

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  1. So glad you finally found a hat...my problem is now that I cut my hair most of mine don't look as good...ugh...
    Love love love the shoes...your are so much better than mine!


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