Monday, July 19, 2010

Got It In The End

Dress: Suzy Shier
Necklace: The Bay
Sandals: Nine West
Purse: Winners

This is what happens when you forget about pictures.... Well it wasn't that I forgot but just that I was trying to do too many things at once so pictures didn't get taken till almost dusk. I got the beau to take pictures because there were some seriously big rain clouds coming in, but the result of that was that these are the only pictures that made the cut. Apparently when I say, can you try one without the flash to see what the light is like, it just means take dark pictures..... He tried, I guess thats all I can ask for. In all fairness, I guess he was still recovering from the stag party he threw over the weekend!
I was going to do a close up of the necklace, but realized that would be a cleavage shot also so decided to forgo that today, in case some of you were wondering. The dress I bought the other week, came in quite a while ago at Suzy Shier but I was resisting since I'm supposed to be saving my money but finally caved. I only paid $16 though so for the amount of times I will wear it, I'm happy!

Has anyone seen How To Train Your Dragon? Its such a cute movie! I'm thinking of making the costume Astrid wears for Halloween. She wears a viking helmet, with the huge metal shoulder pads on a shirt with this leather skirt that has little dinosaur skulls around the waistband and studs on the leather strips of the skirt. Very fun costume. I'm really going to need to not procrastinate though as I think I will need to make the skulls out of Fimo... That was my creative bit I spent some time drawing out this weekend, and also making a dress for my sister. Well, more like trying to decide which fabric to use, I was having some trouble and would wash some fabric but then would find other stuff that I thought she would like more so then washed that and etc....  Hopefully some actually sewing will take place this week. Hopefully lots of it!!!

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  1. Such a pretty dress...and totally worth caving in!!
    Hmm..the costume sounds quite cute...but possibly alot of work...I say go for it!


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