Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back To Basics

Dress: Zara
Necklaces: Suzy Shier & Le Chateau
Belt: Hand me down from my Grandma
Shoes: The Shoe Company
Purse: Winners
Earrings: Made by my sister

I slept in again! I've been doing that a lot lately. Although I did for once sleep really good. The weather has just made me so restless this year since the rain stops me from going rollerblading and being outside as much as I would like to be which in turn makes me very restless! This dress is a favorite as it always looks good whether you sleep in or not, throw on a couple accessories, grab a piece of fruit and voila! Out the door in the nick of time to make it to work just in time! 
I watched an old episode of Fashion File this morning and it was all about Runway to Realway which was really fun. They used Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2009 as the inspiration which was all about the ostrich feathers, and tribal beaded accessories and found low budget pieces and did some DIY to do their own take on the look which ended up being quite fabulous! The DIY included getting a couple different pieces of leather and getting them sewn together to make their own obi belt and tassels and beads they added to some shoes and made their own earrings. So fun! Completed not related to my outfit but I think it will inspire me to do a few things!



  1. OK I'm confused...did you do the DIY or were they just showing you how to on TV??
    I love simple dresses because then you can accessorize!! I love that belt..I think I need to start wearing my chain/metal belts (not the tacky kinda from the ealy 00's tho)..haha

  2. That belt is amammamamazing from your grandma!!! WE love native american jewelry and that piece is stunning! You look tres chic!
    I saw that Fashion File too .....what a runway collection....AMAmammaZING!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


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