Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Cajun and I joking around in front of a cop car. The cop is just inside the building behind the glass wondering what we are doing....

Cocktails at Hotel MacDonald. Delicious. Blair treated Cajun and I to birthday cocktails.

Leather Jacket: Store in Florence
Tank: Roberto Cavalli
Mavi Jeans: Katrina's Closet
Booties: Nine West
Pashmina: Street Vendor in Florence
Bracelet: Ten Thousand Villages
Purse: Winners

Thursday I headed up to Edmonton to attend the Vitalize conference. Its about volunteering and leadership and turned out to be pretty awesome. I learned a lot. Arlene Dickinson from The Dragons Den was the opening keynote speaker along with Lindsay Blackett the Minister of Community and Cultural Spirit.
Cajun and I are on the Student Executive together and attended together a long with our friend Blair who runs the HELP Project that gets the college students involved in volunteering with the community.
Thursday was a hectic and major stress day, these cocktails were amazing and got me back to a happy place!!!

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