Friday, June 18, 2010

Twinkle Sews

I got this book for my birthday from a friend. It's got some adorable designs for everything from this dress to interesting sweaters and etc. The above dress is one of my favorites thus far and I decided I would open up the pattern on the CD Rom that came with the book and check it out. See, the book has all these different designs and then a CD-Rom that has patterns in different sizes for each that you can print off at your leisure. When I opened up the pattern for this dress though it was 95 pages, so I need to look into a more economical way of doing this. A cheap little printer with cartridges that aren't too pricey and etc....
Any ideas???


  1. I have this book too! I love it, but printing the pages DOES kinda suck. I always use the reverse of the first pattern for a second and use a different color to differentiate between the two.
    Also, if you have a print well in the local mall, they refill cartridges for about 12$ apiece as opposed to the $40+ it usually costs to replace the whole cartridge.

    But the patterns ARE worth it because the pieces are so pretty and fairly easy to sew!

  2. Oh my this book looks amazing!!
    Get Rob to print it off a work??? hahaha....

  3. Looks good! I really like the white and green dress xxx

  4. this book looks awesome, and it comes with a cd with the patterns in all different sizes, thats awesome. I'm definitely no talented sewer but I love to attempt anything.

    Hmm sucks the pages are so long, you could print the pages back to back and that would halve the amount but even half is still quite a bit.


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