Sunday, June 6, 2010

Smell The Leather

Leather Jacket: Florence Leather Shop
Button up shirt: Zara
Skirt: Joe Fresh
Gladiator Sandals: Nine West

This is a scheduled post, I'm predicting things will be a little crazy this week and am planning ahead. Look at me being all organized..... I'm growing up....
This jacket is the prize I've brought back from my trip to Italy. I've been searching for quite some time for a brown leather jacket with interesting details and sleeves long enough. This was not an easy feat, it took a long time but it was meant to be! Because I found this beauty. I love the hardware on the front flap and the quilt stitching on the side front panels. I'll have to make sure to take some close up photo's to show off the details. Did I mention how much I love the smell of leather? I do. Love the smell of leather that is, I mean who doesn't?  It just makes me happy. When I first bought these Gladiator sandals I loved sniffing them just for the smell of the leather. Obviously this was all before I was wearing them...... But the beau sure thought I was silly! Its almost as good as the smell of saddle soap and leather. I used to love cleaning and oiling up my saddles, the smells were amazing. I actually keep meaning to get some saddle soap and oil and clean up a saddle of my grandmas I have. I'm wondering if the beau will enjoy me filling the house with that smell?

On a completely different note, tonight the beau made a salad with grilled chicken, grapes, and apples with a yogurt and mayo dressing. He got an iphone last weekend and got the Betty Crocker App and this recipe caught his eye apparently! It was strange. I mean meat and fruit in a salad, have you ever??? I asked him if this was him crying out for an intevention and wanting me to cook more.... He figured Sundays could be the day where he tries "fun new recipes", Sundays will now be referred to as Scary Sundays in my book..... He thought I was kidding....


  1. hehe...too funny...I love Scary Sunday!
    I love the smell of leather as well...infact I even love the taste...when I was younger I used to chew on the leather strings on my baseball glove because they tasted like beef jerky...and the great thing about it was the flavour never went was like eating zero calorie beef jerky...haha..

  2. wonderful outfit. I adore black and brown together


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