Monday, June 14, 2010


I'm not sure that I've actually ever mentioned how much I love popcorn? Have I? Well I do, as far as I'm concerned its a food group. An important one. This little retro style popcorn maker is what the beau got me for my birthday yesterday. It was all I wanted, and I had requested he not go over the top this year and he actually listened! Well kind of, he did also get me the SATC 2 Lookbook but I think someone (Nash) may of mentioned that to him.
We went to a roller derby with friends and family Saturday night (I'll be posting soon!) and then Sunday went off roading with the local Jeep club. We both took turns driving, unfortunately for the beau I seemed to get the best parts, going up a smaller mountain and then down it over boulders and shale and all kinds of crazy stuff. The below shows a good idea of some of the serious mud we went through, this Jeep is lifted and I at almost 6ft tall seem to sometimes need to stretch to get in, which goes to show how deep some spots were!

Okay, so this is a completely unfashion related post, but it was so much fun and my birthday so I figure I can do whatever I want if its my birthday....

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  1. hehe...I may have managed to slip in a few good words for the book...
    A good boyfriend is one who listens right?...and he listened to me...the wise friend...haha


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