Monday, June 28, 2010

Its never just a couple things...

Admittedly this is not a fashion post, but a lust post. I got my learners for a motorbike last summer and unfortunately it has just expired so now I will have to go renew it. This is the bike that I want though. Nothing fancy, either black or Cheery Red Kawasaki 250cc. A nice little beginner bike!
The beau finally got all his parts for his bike and put the thing back together yesterday so we took it for a spin down to walmart. We went in for just a couple things and ended up leaving with way more. I ended up fitting in my backpack: 2 packs of zangy tangy's, a 6 pack of bottled brisk tea, a 4 pack of red bull, green onions, some mini fruit bites, a pack of nibs, a pack of cheddar fishes and then had to carry the carton of eggs on my lap on the way back! So it really is tricky to go to Walmart while on a motorbike!

Also, I am going to Manitoba this week so posting will be sketchy at best. I hope everyone has a fantastic Canada Day!

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