Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to Moi

The girls and I outside the derby match arena. (From left: Amy, Katrina, Moi, Mandy, Kayleigh)

Mandy announced that she wanted to do a "high school" picture which involved the said wall seen as the back ground. So here is our "High school" picture. Her husband Paul in the background makes it kind of perfect and also reminds me of The Fast Times at Ridgemount High!

My sisters and I. The roller derby theme was Hawaiian hence the outfits....

Rusty embracing the theme....

Wrap skirt used as top: Thrifted
Shorts: Thrited
Candy Necklace: Gift
Hawaiian Bracelets: Dollar Store
Sunglasses: Kathy Van Zeeland

So this is what I did for the first part of my birthday. It was so gorgeous out! I'm pining for the sunny weather as its pouring rain and miserable outside again!!!! I'm trying to remain hopeful for the upcoming weekend and the sunshine the weather reports are promising....
The picture of my sisters and I think is pretty funny since I'm practically glowing from the sun shining on my paleness. It is an interesting picture of the three of us... It got a little breezy later on so that is why I ended up in the capris, and rocked out the crazy green sunnies I found. 
This post is now taking me forever as I keep getting distracted because a really good episode of Gilmore Girls is on.... But since I posted so many photo's and a picture is worth a thousand words, I really think I've said more than enough.... 


  1. AWW..I love Rustys Hawaiian spirit!! I take it you didn't find a grass skirt?

  2. the one standing for me, thanx


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