Thursday, June 3, 2010

Girls Night Out

On Me
Shrunken Jacket: Costa Blanca
Sequin Mini: Bryans
Leggings: Suzy Shier
Gold BCBG Heels: Winners
Bangles: Ten Thousand Villages
Lip Necklace: F21
Ostrich Purse: Street market in Milan

On Natasha (She's not here to tell me so I'm winging it!)
Lace Vest: Self Made by her (She made me one for my birthday)
Knit top: Borrowed from me
Kensie Skirt: Liquidation World
Tights: ???
Patent Wedge Heels: Aldo
Clutch: Borrowed from Me
Ring: Self made by her

This was the night we went out to see SATC 2. We both wanted to wear something pretty since we were going to see such a fabulous movie, but also because we just like any reason to put on pretty outfits, especially together! I also thought is was interesting to see how we have both wore the lace vests, although both of us did it with skirts, maybe next time I'll belt mine and see how that goes.... The beau was laughing at us while taking these pictures for us, but it was quite funny..... Especially with the leg lifting and so on.
Unfortunately we did not have time for cocktails but we ate plenty of popcorn as per our norm, or maybe I should say that I ate plenty of popcorn as I can be a bit of a popcorn hog! Sorry Tash!
I will say that the movie was fantastic and the clothes marvelous as always, well done Patricia Field! Although Natasha and I are still both trying to figure out what the heck they were thinking when they put Charlotte in red spandex leggings and that brown top as its not the most flattering and looks terrible compared with the rest of the ladies dessert outfits! We did find the look book at Chapters yesterday to go with the movie and its quite fabulous. I loved the lookbook that went with the first movie and will definitely have to get the second!

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  1. Well you got my clothes right...the tights were from winners tho..not that it really matters...
    I guess you didnt' need to email me the pics cuz I just stole them off your blog haha...


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