Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finally Finished

Jacket: Self Made
Tank: Costa Blanca
Jeans: Costa Blanca
Ring: Suzy Shier
Purse: Vendor in Florence
Necklace: The Bay

This jacket was a challenge to finish, I made it in one of my construction classes at school but had to add the cuffs and third button hole to meet the "requirements". Unfortunately gathering the sleeves into the cuff instead of the elastic that it was meant to have was not fun and I had to hand sew everything. Don't get me wrong, I quite enjoy hand sewing, but not under the time constraints of a school project!  I had to leave the lining open for the grading but just sewed it up the other night so I am finally wearing it!
I went for a facial today with my sister, so I am not wearing any make up, nor could I be bothered to put any on just for a few errands and pictures afterwards....
I have another jacket from school that I need to finish up, but it needs the lining sewn up as well as 29 buttons and button holes so that one will be a bit longer. Especially since I have yet to find the perfect buttons!!!

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  1. Yay it turned out soo good!! I personally like the cuff...I think it makes it look alot more structured and cohesive with the cuff...


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