Monday, June 21, 2010


Dress: Self Made
Shoes: The Shoe Company
Belt: Gift

Saturday was Convocation at my college, so I attended in my role as student President. It was fun, I got to go to a brunch with the board of governors, where they served delicious food! I sat at the same table as our guest speaker, Troy Loney who is a friend of a member of the board. He played in the NHL for 12 years and won the Stanley cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins even! He gave a delightful speach about finding your passion and always pursueing it and keeping that as you go through life. I was on the stage and handed out the folders the students get their diplomas in (The college makes sure you hand in your cap and gown first and then gives you the official parchment after the ceremony!). It was great to see people that I know I probably won't see again in some time and to just share the enthusiam with everyone about what they've been up to in the last couple of months.
Onto the clothes... I'm very thankful I wore this light cotton dress I made because the gown I had to wear for the ceremony was making me overheat badly! I siezed the opportunity to wear heels since it feels like I never get to anymore, these wedges i got quite some time ago and had worn them out to the point wear I had to go get them re-soled! They are favorites, and I'm loving how my legs are looking..... I adore this belt, it was a gift from a friend in the UK but it was funny when some friends came over and said it looked very "stampede". Yes, Calgary has the "Biggest outdoor show in the world" coming up very soon...

Must go, Rusty and I are going to enjoy some sunshine before I go to work....


  1. favorite shoes!!
    I'm loving how you wore a belt I would never think to wear with that dress!

  2. you made this dress?? pretty! you're very talented. :)

    thanks for visiting my blog!

    i love new readers and even better...when my new readers have blogs, too!


  3. Great summery wedges! Love the silver detail!


  4. You made your dress? Awesome! I love the print.

    And those wedges are fab :-)


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