Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tall Sock Crazy

Jacket: Bebe
Sweater: Smart Set
Skirt: Gift
Thigh high socks: Winners
Necklace Gift
Bag: Gift

Today I am president! So I thought I had better look snappy! Actually I was just excited the weather co operated and I got to finally wear these socks! I got them a while ago and everytime I've wanted to wear them something changes my mind..... They are so fun! Especially with the bow at the back, typically I am not a bow kind of girl but these are just brilliant!
Today, my teacher Lisa brought in a huge box of vintage patterns that were donated to the college. I snapped up quite a few and will try and post them later so you can all see how awesome they are....

Happy Easter!


  1. OK this is seriously an amazing outfit!! I want those socks sooooo badly..they are seriously amazing!! Rob definatly will not want you to take them off ;)

  2. Those socks are so cute! They're almost like garter stockings. lovely.


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