Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Cardigan: Winners
Dress: Zara
Tights: Winners
Steve Madden Flats: DSW
Necklaces: Garage sale & Le Chateau
Ring: Suzy Shier

It is windy outside. Really. This morning when I opened my front door, if it hadn't been for my foot being in the way, the door would of smashed right into my face! Lucky face, poor shoe.....
I handed in my business plan today, I'm quite proud of it. It's a viable business option for me in the futureand thats very exciting. However, in my haste I forgot to put in a table of contents, and couldn't get my financials to balance. I'm not an accountant. I did in fact state that in my business plan, saying I would hire one.....
I'm working on final projects tonight, a men's dress shirt for the beau, and an amazingly cool military jacket for pattern drafting. I can't wait for them to be finished so I can post!
Aren't these photo's so fun today? I took them with the tripod while waiting for my dinner to heat up. I forgot to move the furniture behind me though, isn't it just hideous?!?
My dad says this is a shoe fetish website.... quite funny, whats your opinion?


  1. hmmm..I'm thinking I recognize this area?
    Love your mixture of patterns...and yes these pics are quite fun!

  2. Im thinking that maybe you have told your Dad about "How many pairs of shoes you actually own!!"


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