Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rain Day

Military Jacket: Smart Set
Knit top: Joe Fresh
Dress Shorts: F21
Tights: Winners
Boots: The Shoe Company

I tried to post this morning, but the picture uploading thingy wouldn't let me get photo's from the computer, only photo's I had already uploaded or the web. I logged in and out several times with no luck, and yet tonight its fine. Good old technology.
Unfortunately I had to take photo's inside today due to the downpour outside, I was even thinking photo's with an umbrella would be so fun, but then I realized who was going to hold the umbrella on my camera???
I'm still getting the hang of inside photo's, natural light is so much better! And due to the lack of natural light, you really can't see my new hair color. Its a red, although not as red as I wanted it to be so in a couple weeks I'll be up for round two! Yay for no bad roots anymore though... My sister also waxed my eyebrows, so it was a great night.
I did a post last week on oxford shoes I was loving, one of the pairs was from Feet First and I keep forgetting my sister works there, so she sent me a message and I went and triend them on yesterday. They're so much better in person! The last pair in my size had a mark on them though, so they're going to see if they can buff it out and then they're mine! So comfy too.....
I'm at a conference and then an awards ceremony tomorrow, so even though I'll be looking sharp, I'm uncertain as to when a posting will happen. Also, as I don't think I've mentioned before, postings will probably be non-existant from May 1st to May 12th as I am going to Italy!!!!

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  1. How did I miss this post?? I don't remember being told in my reader thingy about this post...I would have never found it if I hadn't scrolled down to look at those shoes again....
    Anyways this is a very cute outfit..I'm quite loving military jackets with stripes at the moment!


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