Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jacket: Costa Blanca
Knit top: Zellers
Jeans: Costa Blanca
Shoes: Spring
Bracelet: Suzy Shier
Necklaces: Le Chateau
Purse: Gift

This morning was a beautiful day.... I'm really glad I took these photo's before lunch though, as the weather has gotten steadily worse since then. Right now the ground is covered with snow, as it keeps snowinga long with severe winds. I had seriously good timing today as I had to run home after class and get some fabric washed before coming back to school for a meeting. In that time the weather switched but I was able to change accordingly! Yay!
Tonight we did our document pick up for the trip to Italy!!!! It hasn't seemed real until now, but its starting to... I'm swamped with home work and have not really given much time to thinking about it, I just need to survive the next week and a half! Don't get me wrong, I may rant a bit about how crazy school gets and all the homework I have, but everyday I wake up thankful to be here and know that I am much happier here working hard than stuck in a dead end job!
It was exciting to break out the summer shoes though... even if only for part of the day!


  1. Yay the shoes!! I can't wait untill our weather quits being crazy so I can wear's been hailing..and super windy alot the wide legged jeans!

  2. Love these shoes....


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