Monday, April 19, 2010

I Made It!

Tank: Jacob
Recycled sari wrap: Street vendor
Scarf sandals: Spring
Necklace: Hairshow
Bracelet: Ten Thousand Villages
Sunglasses: Jordan's - borrowed to avoid squinty eyes for pictures!

Today I had my history of clothing exam and 5 projects due. It was bloody stressful, but I made it through. I got my business plan back and rocked it with a 93%! Woohoo! Unfortunately I did not get an A overall in this class but I'm coping with that. I did learn a heck of a lot though, and I'm feeling that is much more important to me.

A great way to end the year was finding Jordan outside rocking the hula hoop. She is all about the hula hoop, and getting everyone else into it too. You can see my attempts, I'm a working progress....

This skirt is recycled sari fabric I picked up at a street festival last summer, it came with a thing about all the different ways to wear it, so that will be interesting. I think having such crazy winters makes me appreciate summer all the more when it finally comes, and I'm appreciating...
Off for some more vitamin D....


  1. such a fun look!! I loved those skirts..but whenver I saw them they seemed soo expensive

  2. I also bought one of these in Las vegas....and it came with a printed intruction paper and a CD...I need help...cant figure out why when I doesnt look like it did when they demonstrated it on me!!!!
    when you get back from Italy...


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