Tuesday, April 13, 2010

$5 Dress

Jacket: Bebe
Dress: Liquidation World $5!!!
Knit top: Joe Fresh
Tights: Winners
Boots: DSW
Purse: Gift

This is my $5.00 dress I got at Liquidation world last week. Its awesome. I didn't even try it on, I figured for this much I could risk it, plus I was totally needing to haul butt to work. A great find though...
Today has been an odd day, it started as icy fog, then it got nice out and the snow melted, and now theres another storm coming in.....
Its my last week of classes! Where did this year go? I have so many projects that are due, I'm trying not to lose my wits! Very stressed, as well as my business plan is due tomorrow and it is worth 40% of my grade. I think its a great business plan, but as much as I really like this teacher, he's tough! Thats good though, it makes me try really, really hard.....But, I really dislike doing financials, a lot.


These are my friend Molly's new welly's. They're great! She got them at Walmart because she had a field trip to a farm today. I'd really like a pair of fun welly's, I've been thinking of getting some for a while.....


  1. I'm guessing that was the dress you told me about on the phone..I did see it at our store too..and am contemplating buying it..
    Looks great!!

  2. I absolutely love the ones you got for me last year...wish they were steel toed so the City would allow me to wear them in the garden


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