Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring In My Step

Cardgan: Suzy Shier
Shirt: Gift from Nash!
Jeans: Winners
Shoes: The Shoe Company

I was very jealous the other week when my talented friend Natasha (, posted photo's of some brilliant deals she had scored of Kensie Girl clothing at Liquidation World. The printed silk tank above is a gift from her! So funny, because when she posted the clothing she got, this shirt was the one I loved the most. Yet another example of how well she knows me. Is she feeling guilty for not coming to see me lately? Not sure... But as she lives 4 hrs away, has a family to look after and I'm either always at school, doing homework or working, it really is getting very difficult to meet up! Thats one of my favorite things about blogging, we don't get to see each other very much, but I still get to "see" her everyday and hear what shes getting up to!!!
Anyways... back to the shirt! It makes me feel, along with the wonderful weather we've had lately, that spring is almost upon us! Especially with this happy cardigan! Alas, it is currently windy and snowy outside, which is why the photo's are inside today....
Today was pretty crazy, I was so good about working on homework during the break, only to be thrown a crap load more work and now feel like I'm drowning in homework! I mean really..... However, I still love being at school, and thats what I'm focusing on!
On a more terrifying note, next week all the students running for student council positions are required to be a part of a student forum where we have to prepare a 2-3 minute speech! As I am running for President, it will look really bad if I just didn't show, or dragged a friend up on the stage with me.... Like I said, TERRIFYING!

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  1. Glad you love it soo much...I still need to wear mine!..
    I'm sure you will put together a fabulous speech. Can't wait for you to be pres!


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