Thursday, March 11, 2010


Shirt: Zara
Skirt: F21
Tights: Winners
Boots: The Shoe Company
Necklace: Gift
Bag: Gift

I'm glad this skirt finally got to go on the blog! Every time I've wanted to wear it in the last while the weather has been uncooperative! The funniest part, was that everyone just had to touch the skirt, it was as if I was an animal being petted! Considering how fabulous I thought I looked yesterday, things would just not go right. It was just one thing after another...
The necklace and the bag are gifts from my sister from when she went to Italy a while back, love them both, she also got me a ring that has the same colors and is quite fantastic too.
I also forgot so many things yesterday, went home grabbed what I had forgotten but still ended up forgetting my camera cord! Go me! So yesterdays post is here today instead......

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