Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Jacket: Can't remember, this one's an oldie!
Tank: Suzy Shier
High waisted shorts: F21
Leggings: Sirens
Boots: Spring
Necklaces: ???
Earrings: F21

I'm super glad I wore these leggings today instead of just tights because it was a lot colder than I realized! This jacket is quite amazing, and unfortunately Jordan and I decided not to go out into the cold to take pictures but didn't think about the fact that you can't see all the details here. It has a ribbon tie at the front as well as a ribbon you can pull and gather the sleeves at the cuff too! So fun! And, lets not forget the great little puffs at the top of the sleeve.
This is a sewing lab at school where I spend most of my time. I am standing with my dressforn and the bodice and collar I have draped for my pattern drafting class. The collar made things interesting today.... I used to have a really strange dressforn that had a hunch and I named her Quasimodo, this one, as you can see is in much better shape!
Sorry this is a short one, I have a stack of homework to do and its movie night with the girls....

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