Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years!

So New Years eve is always an issue for me as it is generally very cold causing wardrobe issues. Although I've gone to the local pub for the past couple years and it's only a couple of blocks away, when it's around    -30 degrees celcius out as I believe it was last night that can be a very long walk! Needless to say this is where the awesome leggings came in and why I wore boots to the pub and put the heels on when I got there.

I got these shoes new years eve day from Nine West using a gift card courtesy of my wonderful boyfriend who is supportive of my shoe habit.....

I love these shoes!

This brilliant necklace was the grand finale to my fabulous outfit and was a Christmas pressie from my friend Natasha who coincidently I had also made a bib necklace for. We also did this without even discussing it with each other which makes the whole scenario pretty funny.

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  1. Love love love your outfit...and LOVE the shoes...they are quite fab...and I'm quite jealous!!


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