Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jumping Around

Shirt: Gift from Natasha!
Turtleneck: Smart Set
Jeans: Le Chateau
Boots: Pendulum
Earrings: ???

Today was a really cold day so I knew I was going to wear the awesome boots I found yesterday. The turtleneck is a great way to ensure I can wear this awesome shirt throughout the winter, as it is a very light weight silk. Don't ask me why I did these photo's outside when it was so cold, but it was done quickly! A few jumping off the bench poses were tried but all I can say is that I really need to work on my facial expressions. Big time.
I really love the jewelled neckline on this shirt but as I was in my hands on classes today I figured the rest of the outfit would be pretty casual, especially with the stupid weather! Also the sun was shining so bright I could hardly open my eyes, it was not a good day to forget my sunglasses.


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