Thursday, January 14, 2010

Again With The Fringe....

Jacket: Le Chateau
Shirt: Winners
Jeans: Parasuco for Smart Set
Boots: Bakers
Purse: Winners

I knew today was going to be a hectic day with my hardest classes, an exam, volunteer duties and a friends birthday to go to, so my outift had to be super comfortable to help keep me going! I'm glad I finally got a picture in of my awesome yellow purse. I never feel that yellow looks very good on me, so the solution was a great accessory. A much better photo of these amazing over the knee boots too, so much easier when someone else is behind the camera. Speaking of behind the camera...

My personal photographer, also known as my friend Melissa... She wore this fabulous blue hat which she found in a vintage store over the weekend... She's also the only person I really know that can pull off a fanny pack!!!

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  1. Didnt your mother ever teach you to stay away from fire hydrants as they are the favorite peeing spot for dogs!!!! yuk!!!
    and...leave steven segal alone.....smiling


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